Abundance - Paintings by June Li

 Hotel Biron, San Francisco / July 10th - September 10th, 2018

"The flower doesn't dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes"

This series is about the shift from scarcity to abundance. Scarcity reflects the limitations of fear, anxiety and doubt. Abundance reflects gratitude, peace of mind and responsibility. I want to share with you the abundance of living a simple life by choice, full of light and treasures.

Recreate Model art at MoMa

We will explore and draw inspiration from one of the city’s great art museum: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. We will walk through the abstract expressionist exhibition together. As we walk through the museum, I will encourage you to think about what the pieces mean to you and take note of any that speak to you especially clearly. After the museum, we will head to a nearby café or the park - weather permitting - to paint on a canvas with impressions from the exhibition. Here you will set about recreating your favorite work seen that day, reimagining the themes and techniques according to your own style and preferences. This experience is not a museum tour but focus working on abstract paintings and how they help you express your inner feelings through making visual art.

Expressive Painting workshops

Express your feelings. Tell your stories. Spirit up your walls. 

Drawing and painting exercise the mind to help you see the world in a different light. This workshop, through exploring lines, shapes and colors will help to expand how you think visually.  Beyond learning to draw and paint objects, it’s also a path to raise your awareness and awaken internal energies.  

We will visit 3 private modern art galleries in San Francisco. After you get fully inspired, we will go to my studio space where I will guide you work on an abstract expressive painting. At the end of the workshop, you'll have your very own art piece to take home and frame. I will also direct you on where to go to see highly selected art openings and events for the rest of your art time in San Francisco.

Book Work shops


I mentored students created a wish tree by recycled materials this year.  We collected recycled materials and found objects in the nature, such as junk mails, paper plates, falling branches.  Instead of buying products, students turned wastes into creative art projects to share with their friends and families. .  By complete our recycled tree, students became more aware to our environment, what they thrown away in a daily base and use their imaginations to transform junks to beautiful objects.  My goals for this course is to inspire students buy less, reuse and recreate, own less and live more.  We wish healthier life and a greener planet.



Calligraphic is life itself. When the brush hits the paper, it's birth.
After the brush left the paper, it's death. It lives in the moment.


We are our own ghost of our goals
and dreams. To deal with this enemy,
we forgive, accept, and be with it.
I invite audience for this adventurous encounter
to experience the darkness and the
deepest fear of our ghost.


I keep looking at these two words and try to write a description. 
I failed in finding other words more precise than what they are.
Therefore, I invite audience to complete this piece with me, 
accompany me trailing tendrils of ancient calligraphy between
lines and lines, strokes and strokes, to find their own answer
through being a witness. 

Please contact June Li for performances.

WE ARE OUR OWN GHOST - JuneLi Live Painting Performance at Pier 70


On this wall, I am performing a 20 ft x 9 ft Live Painting with Chinese Calligraphy “We are our own Ghost” during the GHOST SHIP VIII: ANNIHILATION.

We are our own ghost of our goals and dreams. To deal with this enemy, we forgive, accept, and be with it. Join me for this adventurous encounter to experience the darkness and the deepest fear of our ghost.

Look forward to going on this journey with you!

Oct 30 at 11:55pm to Oct 31 at 12:30am

70 Pier, San Francisco, California 94107

MORE INFO: www.ghostshiphalloween.com | www.facebook.com/ghostshiphalloween

INNER GARDENS Oil Painting Solo Exhibition

Enter the inner world and reconnect with our magical inner and outer earth - a mystic garden full of wisdom and truth, there in the rich soil that nourishes all possibilities. I created these oil paintings in a quest to come closer to the roots of instinct, in search of a wild and deep power within.

August 6th - November 6th at District

Art Opening: Thursday, August 6th at 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Address: 216 Townsend St, San Francisco, California 94107