ART FOR TRANSFORMATION - Expressive paintings and Yoga retreat

January 23th - 30th. 2019

Location: HuJing Retreat Center, GuangZhou, South China
Host by: Jun Jun Li and Jun Ting Li


About this retreat:

This Chinese New year, my younger sister and I will open our home and heart by hosting a week long journey in a beautiful retreat center in Guangzhou, South China. We will nurture your body and mind with yoga practice and creating expressive paintings. Living in our family house, you will have the opportunity to learn about Chinese traditional cooking and herbal medicines, to explore the old city landscape, experience the local culture and much more in hope to support and help you live a healthy, strong and beautiful life!  


Programs and Activities included:

  • 6 nights, 7 days accommodation with homemade meal

  • Full programs includes private painting and yoga classes.

  • Daily programs included: Yoga class and Meditation by Jun Ting Li; 3 hours painting sessions by June Li, including Art museum and gallery visits.

  • Offsite adventures to explore history and encounter cultures in old town GZ.


    * 6晚7天住宿与自制餐点。

    * 完整的私人艺术和瑜伽课程。
    * 每日节目包括:Ting 的瑜伽课和冥想; Jun的绘画课程. 包括艺术博物馆和画廊参观。

    * GZ老城区历史和文化的异地冒险。

About your hosts:


Jun Jun  Li

Jun has been painting throughout her lifetime and teaching art in San Francisco for over the last 8 years. Jun studied visual art at South China Normal University and oil paintings at Sonoma State University. Jun’s work is a dynamic encounter with nature, perception and challenges that leads one towards a place of insight and learning. Jun likes to share these unique experiences with you in the hopes of showing that life is about realizing possibilities.

君一生都在创作, 并在旧金山教授艺术过去8年。君曾在华南师范大学学习视觉艺术,并在索诺玛州立大学学习油画。 君的工作是与自然,感知和挑战的动态相遇,使人们走向一个洞察力和学习的地方。 君希望与您分享这些独特的体验,希望表明生活就是实现可能性。

Jun Ting Li

A yoga master with six years of yoga practice experience. She has been trained as a professional yoga instructor at the Tianxia Yoga Training College. Work as Indian Sanskrit Secret Body Trainer. She believes Yoga help us breathing the soul, feeling the body. Use the simplest form, the most natural breathing, with our consciousness, through physical training, we can understand our own thinking and habit patterns to achieve deeper understanding.


Programs and activities: (Courses may adjusted accordingly.)

Day 1. Arrives in Guangzhou - Pick up from BaiYun Airport - Check-in 

Day 2. Yoga morning flow - The creative process of expressive painting  - Impromptu dance basic - Chinese cooking class

Day 3. Outdoor Yoga morning flow - Art for transformations - Yin Yoga - Impromptu dance

Day 4. Yoga morning flow - Chinese brush painting - Aerial Yoga / Pilates - Chinese cooking class

Day 5. Impromptu dance (participation in local group activities) - Visit Art museums - Guangzhou traditional cultural experience

Day 6. Chinese brush painting - Power yoga - Chinese cooking class - Sound Healing Meditation

Day 7. Outdoor yoga morning flow - Art for Transformations - Check out


Yoga Classes programs: 瑜伽特色课程:(课程根据实际情况调整)

  • Yoga clean breathing practice 瑜伽清洁呼吸法练习

  • Hatha Yoga Basic Exercise 哈他瑜伽基础练习

  • Yoga language meditation 瑜伽语言冥想

  • Characteristic rhythm yoga 特色韵律瑜伽

  • Outdoor yoga 户外瑜伽

265keri_vaca_photographer_ecstatic dance campout.jpg

Art Classes programs: Sessions from (1.5 hours - 3 hours) All materials included.


Drawing and painting exercise the mind to help you see the world in a different light. This workshop, through exploring lines, shapes and colors will help to expand how you think visually.  Beyond learning to draw and paint objects, it’s also a path to raise your awareness and awaken internal energies.


Drawing and painting exercise the mind to help you see the world in a different light. This workshop, through exploring lines, shapes and colors will help to expand how you think visually.  Beyond learning to draw and paint objects, it’s also a path to raise your awareness and awaken internal energies.


Making art helps us to focus and be present.  It helps us to express our intense feelings beyond words and thoughts, and moves us into deeper ways of knowing our minds. This class works with meditation and music and guides with abstract lines, shapes and colors.  The result is a calming of our anxieties, allowing our inner guidance to lead us through the pains and challenges of the external world.



We will explore and draw inspiration from one of the city’s great art museums: exploring the exhibits together, taking in the works on display. As we walk through the museum, I will encourage you to think about what the pieces mean to you, and take note of any that speak to you especially clearly. After the museum, we will head to a nearby café or even outside—weather permitting—to work with our impressions from the exhibition. Here you will set about recreating your favorite work seen that day, reimagining the themes and techniques according to your own style and preferences.

我们将从这个城市的一个伟大的艺术博物馆中探索和汲取灵感:一起展览,展出作品。当我们走进博物馆时,我会鼓励你思考这些作品对你来说意味着什么,并注意到任何与你说话特别清楚的东西。在博物馆之后,我们将前往附近的咖啡馆,甚至在天气允许的情况下 - 与我们展览的印象一起工作。在这里,您将着手重新创建您当天所看到的最喜欢的作品,根据您自己的风格和偏好重新设想主题和技巧。


Traditional Chinese calligraphic brush painting has developed continuously over a period of more than 5000 years. It is one of the simplest and most expressive of visual art forms. Using traditional iconic figures from classical Chinese culture, such as the bamboo tree, the wild orchid flower and panda bears, you will learn the basic techniques that can help you to touch and express your own vision of the timeless moment.



Packages start at: $1250 Dollars. Drop in: $250/day. 6 space only.


Email with your request.