Making art helps us to focus and be present.  It helps express our intense feelings beyond words, thoughts, and moves us into deeper ways of knowing our minds. This class work with meditation and music and guides with abstract lines, shapes and colors.  The result is a calming of our anxieties, allowing our inner guidance to lead us through the pains and challenges of the external world.  All materials included.  



Drawing and painting exercise the mind to help you see the world in a different light. This workshop, through exploring lines, shapes and colors will help to expand how you think visually.  Beyond learning to draw and paint objects, it’s also a path to raise your awareness and awaken internal energies.  All materials included.



We will explore and draw inspiration from one of the city’s great art museums: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, de Young, or Legion of Honor. We will walk through the current exhibition together, taking in the works on display. As we walk through the museum, I will encourage you to think about what the pieces mean to you, and take note of any that speak to you especially clearly. After the museum, we will head to a nearby café or even outside—weather permitting—to work with our impressions from the exhibition. Here you will set about recreating your favorite work seen that day, reimagining the themes and techniques according to your own style and preferences.



I mentored students to create these art projects using recycled materials and found objects in nature.  Using thing such as mailing advertisements, sea shells, dry flowers… These are great gifts for birthdays and holidays.  Instead of buying products, students pay more attention to our environment, what they thrown away in a daily basis and use their imaginations to transform unused materials to beautiful objects.  My goals for this course is to inspire students to reuse and recreate.  We will live healthier and the planet will be greener.



Chinese traditional brush painting has developed continuously over a period of more than 5000 years.  It is the most simple and expressive visual art form.  The main tools are brush, ink and rice paper.  Composition and space is the most important element for the mind set.  Seal and calligraphy is the final touch by expressing the theme and views on art and life.  I designed this six-session program for students to have fundamental understanding of this art form.  Through domesticated native figures from China, such as bamboo tree, wild orchid flower and panda bear, students will learn basic techniques and express their own vision.  All materials included.


Cost: Private class, $125/session (2 hours)

Location: Potrero Hill Art Studios, San Francisco